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Banks Hate This Refinance Plan, But You’ll Love It

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Banks Hate This Refinance Plan, But You’ll Love It

For years, smart homeowners have been using Mortgage Refinance Rates to qualify for unique, often-overlooked home refinance plans with shockingly low interest rates.

Savvy homeowners have had the inside track on an unprecedented program that the US government initiated to help the middle class – the Home Affordable Refinance Plan or HARP. This plan could benefit millions of Americans and reduce their payments by as much as $3500/year.1

Find out how much you could save now.

What They Don’t Want You To Know

HARP loans allow homeowners to lower their interest rates, shop around for the best lenders, and allow some to eliminate 15 years of mortgage payments! Since many banks rely on the revenue from mortgage payment interest, they would prefer that their customers not find out about it.

So far, the banks have been winning. Most homeowners have not been aware of this benefit or thought it was too good to be true and have failed to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Some banks even hope this program expires quietly so their current revenue won’t be affected.

Don’t let the banks win. Refinance today.

Because more money in your pocket helps the economy, the government is making one final push before the program is set to expire in 2017. If you are one of the millions of homeowners who would like reduced payments or shorter loan terms, now is the time to act.

Even if you’ve tried to refinance in the past but have been unable to, taking advantage of HARP could be the perfect solution for you. A HARP refinance may offer easier qualification requirements than other refinance programs you have applied for in the past. Check your eligibility now.

MORTGAGE ALERT: Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are still eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime refinance program but haven’t applied because of misinformation. HARP is a government-backed program and out-of-pocket costs are not required. Find out how to get started with your HARP loan now.

How To Beat The Banks

The first steps for taking advantage of this brilliant program and make your mortgage work for you are:

1. Check your eligibility. 2
2. Get a quote.
3. Find a great lender.

My Mortgage Insider has simplified this process with online quote requests and partnerships with verified HARP lenders.

There is absolutely no obligation for getting this information, and the 5 minutes it takes to fill out a simple online form will likely result in many years of savings. Get your personalized quote now to help yourself and your family, not your bank.


1. Average monthly savings from http://www.freddiemac.com/finance/pdf/RefiReport2015Q1.pdf
2. In addition to other qualifications, the HARP program requires (1) a good repayment history, (2) you must have taken out the mortgage loan before June 1, 2009, and (3) your loan must be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the two government-sponsored mortgage finance companies.


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