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Trump Reveals Big Money-Saving Mortgage Secret

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Trump Reveals Big Money-Saving Mortgage Secret

Donald Trump has told the nation that he thinks that the Fed is keeping rates artificially low, and this could make rates go higher.

But what Trump might not have noticed is that he dropped a big secret on how to save money on mortgages.

Play the Trump Card

When Trump said that rates have to go up, he also said he would personally take advantage of today’s low rates before they go up.

Take Advantage of HARP, while you can…

Homeowners who want to save money while using today’s low rates will want to look at HARP. HARP is a government refinance plan that is designed to put money back into the people’s pockets.

HARP was supposed to end in 2016, but it’s been extended through part of 2017. But it could be gone before long then, and homeowners won’t be able to use the big money-saving refinance.

IMPORTANT: Not only are mortgage rates going to rise during Trump’s presidency, but HARP could be ending, too. HARP is a free program, and it is designed to save homeowners money. See if you qualify for HARP >>> 

Am I eligible to save money with HARP?

The Obama Administration has made mortgages and refinances more affordable for people, but the low rates can’t last forever.

Rates will have to rise, and banks don’t want you to know about that. 2017 might end up being one of the last opportunities to save big using HARP.

If Carson and Trump continue to cut government costs, HARP could easily be next. However, Trump gave up the secret on how to take advantage of these government programs before they’re gone.

Your bank doesn’t want you to know about HARP, and you can check your HARP eligibility across multiple lenders all in one spot.

How Can I Get Started?

Interest rates could start to rise after Trump comes into office, and that could mean missing out on a huge money-saving opportunity.

If you’re a current homeowner, you could be eligible for a HARP refinance before the government ends the program completely. While HARP is scheduled to continue until September 30, 2017, the program might not get renewed, and it could get scrapped completely before the end date. Don’t miss out on one of the top money-saving refinances!



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